Samples of Work

Clicky Rapid Course Design Assistant eLC Widget

EDIT8910 Design & Development Tools

Clicky, Rapid Course Design Assistant

In the Design Studio course, we practiced using a development tool to create an innovative educational tool prototype. We had the opportunity to use any tool that we wanted to learn or become more proficient with, and I selected Figma. Clicky is course design assistant that would reside in a widget on your eLC homepage with options for supporting autonomus course development.

EDIT 8100e: Foundations of Learning, Design, and Technology

Key projects from Foundations include:

Final Research Proposal
Throughout the semester, we worked on putting together the pieces of a research proposal including our introduction with justification, a basis from theories and scholars, and our planned contributions.

Situatedness in LDT
We completed three submissions of this paper throughout the semester to track our orientation to existing literature in the field. These papers guided us through a funnel of exploring the frameworks appropriate to our research interests.

Arch of Argumentation
In this activity we crafted an arch to illustrate the theories our research will be built upon, and the concepts that may work as pillars to support our overall reserach goal.

EDIT 9600: Educational Research in IT (Readings)

The primary artifact completed in the spring semester was a journal article written with Dr. Stefaniak.
Enacting Change: Examining the Instructional Designer’s Role in Higher Education through a Coaching Lens.

Proposal accepted and manuscript submitted for a forthcoming special issue of the Journal of Applied Instructional Design, focused on understanding instructional design collaboration planned for publication in August of 2023.