Reasoning for the Design

Higher-Level Conjecture Outline


  • Instructors are expected to teach online more than ever before and there are limited IDs available to assist.
  • Building online course structure and components is time-consuming and requires technical skill.
  • A virtual assistant could help by supporting new instructors, allowing them to focus on their content and reducing the cognitive load of design and development work.


  • Tools & Materials:
    Clicky provides available resources in the environment where they are used, such as html templates, rubrics, media resources, advanced organizer examples, etc.
  • Task Structures:
    Instructors answer guided questions and choose from offered template selections. They can change/edit choices as desired.
  • Discursive Practices:
    Clicky deploys elements throughout the course immediately. Instructors experience rapid prototyping and get immediate visual feedback on design choices.

Mediating Process

  • Clicky reduces the instructor's cognitive load  by providing assistance with design.
  • Instructors can quickly move past the daunting course setup procedures and focus on their instructional content and activities.
  • Instructors can quickly review the user experience of the course and make agile adjustments to fit their needs. 


  • Instructors feel comfortable and empowered to create desirable online content on their own, any time of day. Analysis paralysis is mitigated and focus can be placed on deeper learning activities.